System of soaking and rinsing metal contaminated with hazardous components

– Function:  Cleaning waste materials contaminated with hazardous components. Clean scrap used to sell scrap.

– Capacity:  1000 kg / h.

– The waste can be treated:  Metal, scrap contaminated with hazardous components.

– Processing process: 

+ Scrap contaminated with hazardous components is washed in batches. After being brought to the cleaning area, the scrap is put into the container, closed the barrel lid and then undergo the following cleaning steps:

+ Cleaning in chemical soaking tanks: Use Palang to slowly load the tank with chemicals to ensure that the aeration of the soaking tank is always open. Make sure the tank is soaked in the bleach bath for at least 20 minutes. Before taking out the barrel, it must be raised and lowered at least 3 times for grease and HW to be separated from metal. Periodically add sufficient cleaning solution to the tank.

+ Cleaning with clean water tank: After placing the tank in the chemical soaking tank, use Palang to hook into the tank, crane the tank to slowly enter the clean water tank to ensure that the aeration of the water tank must always be open.

+ To dry: Cranes barrel into place to dry. When the water in the bin has run out, crane it out, unlock the bin, collect scrap clean in the specified area.

+ Water containing open oil cleaning solution and clean water will be taken to the water treatment system for treatment.